Sunday, August 26, 2012

What’s happening at home?

The first week of school wrapped up and we survived that new early schedule. On Thursday, the first day that Aubri went back to school, we did the usual family routine of animals in the wee early hours, pack lunches, eat breakfast, get ready, family scriptures and family prayers then out the door before the clock strikes 6am. … The great news is that we actually did it! Yeah!

Andrew was set apart last Sunday in the Teachers Quorum as first counselor. I didn’t get to be there since I was teaching my family history class at the time… but the Bishop assured me that is was awesome and would have made me cry. (not sure if that makes me feel better or worse!)

Aubri has been asked to give a talk for the Primary program about repentance. We really need to write that darn talk sometime soon!

Today in church I was put in as the Beehive advisor. I will be teaching .. yeah! My favorite thing to do! I was pretty excited about that. I did hear afterwards that the class is so tough that the last teacher quit and was in tears every time she tried to teach. … Hopefully, I can turn that around! Andrew says that I have “the look” when I teach.
When I asked him what he was trying to say, he demonstrated me teaching… stopping mid sentence and glaring at the back of a class room as if my next step was to take out a machete and see what I could do with that! It was cute when he did it… lets hope that I am tough, but not quite that bad!

Gosh… I seriously can’t think of anything else that is happening at home!

I did make a quick trip to the temple and the kids spent the evening at Gingers house. That was fun… but seriously, other than that, it has been mostly work, laundry, cooking and getting ourselves on the early schedule.

Have a wonderful week!


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