Monday, September 3, 2012

Oh man its september!!!!! ahhhh.... Its getting hot again... ewww.
but so this week was really really good. really good... :)  i learned a lot and set a lot of new goals and i feel, honestlya nd truly, like the Lord has forgiven all of my errors. all of my mistakes. and i am so grateful for that. I am so grateful for the atonement and for Jesus Christ and his sacrifice for us. I know that it is only through repentance nad change. constantly changing and growing that we can grow nad later be worthy to return and live with him. I am so thankful for that opportunity.  I hope everyone someday can realize the significance of that sacrifice and have the desire to change their lives. and be better.
but so this week was my companions birthday! and so we decided to surprise her. she said like 2 weeks before that she wanted a lomito (a sandwich type thing...) and so i arranged with hermana franco and hermana wills (the other hermanas we live with) so that htey would buy the stuff and then id make a giant chocolate chip cookie (because she likes those tooo...) and we would have a surprise birthday party.  :) hehe but did you know that its really hard to create a surprise birhtday party for someone you ahve to be with 24-7... luckily in the apartment we can be in different rooms. but it was sooo fun.. im not really sure why because i just made a cookie and put a candle ona sandwich that hermana franco bought and we sung happy birthday and took pictures... but it was a lot of fun.. I love my companion so much. she is amazing.  and someday i hope you guys can meet her.
We also taught some great people this week. one we are pretty excited about. we have a member whos husband is not a member... he doesnt even really believe in god btu we went to teach her and he came nad listened!!! it was so exciting. he doesnt have the greatest opinion about hte church but thats changing little by little. and that he listened to us is HUGE!!!!!!! im pretty excited about that.
So ive started to read Doctrine and covenants this week.  Ive always loved church history but d&C isnt my favorite. i love the book of mormon. but D&C has some really great stuff. I really like to look at all of the advice the Lord gave to these early saints and to us to help us.  Today i found a scripture that i just fell in love with! its D&C 6:33-34
It says:
 33 aFear not to do bgood, my sons, for whatsoever ye csow, that shall ye also reap; therefore, if ye sow dgood ye shall also reap good for your ereward.
 34 Therefore, fear not, little aflock; do good; let earth and hell combine against you, for if ye are bbuilt upon my rock, they cannot prevail.
Isnt it just great?!?! i love that it tells us to "fear not to do good" and then it tells us to "fear not" and hten to "do good" this little change i just really like.  we shouldnt be afraid to do good because only good comes from good but also we shouldnt fear. we shouldnt fear anything nad hte solution for that is to do good!!! Service and love can really overcome everything. that is one of my goals this week is to serve. really really serve.  and you guys should try it too!!!
love you! i should go.. but have a great great great week!
hermana applegate

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