Sunday, August 19, 2012

Dear Family,

Well, here at home the summer is winding down. The evenings are getting cooler and from time to time I think about adding another blanket to my bed.

The tomatoes and cucumbers from the greenhouse are fantastic to have and make all the hard work we put in there well worth the effort.

With fall comes school and tomorrow morning, Andrew heads back to High School and Seminary and Aubri begins on Thursday. I think we are all ready for the schedule to start again, but have enjoyed the lazy days of summer.

Christopher is working at Sonic now, he rides into work with me and then when I get done I pick him up. It is an awesome arrangement that works out perfectly; we are very luck to have this situation. He is earning the last minute money before he heads out to the mission field. My guess is that we should have papers ready to turn in within about 3 weeks. Yipeee!!!

I am excited about all of my missionaries! Sarah called today and says that she is ready to go and will come home to prepare at Christmas, submit papers and be ready on her 21st birthday.

For me, work is getting busy, as we are entering that season. We have inventory which takes so much work it would make your head spin and of  course, my busy season happens before the customers come shopping, so in about 3 weeks, “stuff” will begin to arrive by the truck loads and I am the lucky girl that gets to sort through all the errors, pay the bills, file the claims and make sure it all runs smoothly. Thank heavens for my iPod and all the awesome church podcasts that I have found. It keeps my mind off the drudgery and makes the time fly faster until I get to come home to my family.

Betsy and family are slowly moving into their little apartment. You would be so impressed with the kind of job that Jeff is doing on that! I have no idea where he is getting the energy… it is amazing! Very talented guy.

It is so nice to see them at church on Sunday… just so nice. I ran into Betsy at the post office the other day and it was about the coolest thing that I could think of. Such a fun surprise!

We are still milking at home… well, let me word that… I … am still milking at home. Every time I talk about giving up for the year, I get some serious milk drinkers that beg me not to and I keep on keeping on. I have to admit it is nice to always have fresh yummy milk in the fridge, no doubt. I keep thinking that if I were sleeping instead of milking I would get the much needed beauty rest that I want… but it seems like when I stop milking, something else comes up and I don’t get that sleep anyway.

Well… I suppose that is about all that is happening here at home. I will have to start thinking of something exciting to write next week because this sounds a little hum drum for sure!

Love you all!


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