Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Picture Blog!


So much is happening, just wanted to write a quick "picture" blog post!!

Some of these you may have seen on facebook already, but just look at them anyway!!!

Still on the no-sugar thing! had a hiatus this weekend cause i had to deal with a bunch of crazy people but im back on and going strong!!

Speaking of my no good, very bad, horrible weekend.. Aubri and Mom came over and cheered me up! we played, laughed and cleaned my room! all my favorite things! Aubri tried on my new extensions (clip in pieces) and so did Mom! Love my fake hair! Although i never wear it out cause im paranoid it will be obvious that its fake!! haha

Went to the Dierks Bentley Concert and was SET on spending the mula on getting some real true cowgirl boots that fit right and i would wear all the time. i comprimised on the pair i LOVED at $230.00 to these ones at $170.00.. havent bought them yet.. but i think im going to! Thoughts???

Brooke (my roommate) and I tried to recreate Texas Roadhouse at home.. it worked! sorta... hhahaha 

Continuing Pilates with my friend Melanie even though its FREAKING expensive! We do it once a week and I love it! See that machine at the bottom of  the picture? Ya.. THAT is the torture device! haha It hurts so good! 

I got a new car stereo installed! now i can play my ipod. GOODBYE burned discs!!! haha

I got some pool time in with my newly active in the church friend named Lacey....

I got my hair done and the girl dropped some bleach on my toes and since i had a spray tan it bleached REALLY bright! so we added more bleach and made it into a heart! hahahaha
I baked 24 cookies for Relief Society visits then all of them canceled.. then i had my bad weekend.. guess who ate all of those cookies in a matter of 3 days.. thats right brooke and i. wow. haha sooo yummy tho! i meant to give them to someone else who would appreciate a plate of treats but ya.. never got around to it.. oops!

I had the opportunity to go to Atlanta again with the Bridal Collection to pick out what will be in the store next year. Fashion shows from dawn till dusk and 14 hour days alongside lots of budgeting planning and walking.. lots of work but so fun! We picked out some fun Prom dresses and also picked up a new bridal designer for the store. Here are some pics!!!

 This was the weird "art" at the Atlanta airport that i had to capture.. why ants?? i still dont get it!

 This was the hotel we stayed at. Same as last year. There are 47 floors and its all open on the inside we took the glass elevator(which reminded me of willy wonka!) all the way to the top and took a picture looking down. Who wants to count how many floors we could see?? hahahah

This is all of us at the end of the trip.. we are tired and hot and ready to go home so dont judge how we look! (left to right: GayLynn(owner) MEghan (Sales manager), Lynn (Owner), ME! 

Well.. i guess thats it for now! Love you all... hope to see some more posts from some of you! xoxo!! 

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  1. AWESOME pictures Ging! Thanks for posting!!!