Saturday, September 8, 2012

You Asked for It...

So, Mom says we don't post enough, and Ginger says we should write about little things that happen. Fortunately for you all...I have plenty of hilarious mishaps.
Most recent first:
So, I'm getting all settled into my new apartment on my day off, and I realize: Hey! I have everything to make chocolate chip cookies! And I'm working on perfecting the fluff, so I went ahead and started making some. I get all the way through and taste the dough tastes really funky. So I look around the table at my ingredients, and guess who wasn't paying attention to labels? This girl. I put onion salt in place of real salt!! Being a broke college student, I tried adding spices, and sugars, all to try and save them form waste. But no matter what, after I cooked them, they had a thick, onion-y aftertaste. It was really gross. And really embarrassing.
But it was not nearly as dumb as when I was doing my laundry, and realized that I had washed my pepper spray. Now, my laundry room has only one vent, and its a tightly sealed room. (which i always thought was a bad idea.) Again, not really thinking, I wanted to make sure it still worked. So I sprayed the pepper spray right there. Away from my face, and into the corner...where it bounced right back. And, hey! The pepper spray worked. I couldn't breathe. Lol.
I also had an incident where there was a wasp on the inside of my window sill, but the window was blowing too strongly for it to fly back out. I freaked out, and put it under a cup, and was going to slide paper under it, to take it out side. However, the wasp started flying down, so I couldn't lift it up without losing the paper. I decided I was going to leave it there to die, when I suddenly felt really guilty about murdering it. (Don't ask me why.) But as I flung open the window to let it out, another wasp flies at my head! I dodged, and accidentally knocked over the cup with the trapped wasp.... I ran like the dickens! And tripped over everything in sight. Everyone there was laughing their heads off at me. :)
Well, there you have it. Stories. Because Mom thinks she's too boring.

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