Sunday, July 29, 2012

Family Letter July 29, 2012

Dear Family,
I am going to give this a try... instead of an email to Jenna each week, I might as well write to everyone at the same time, post it to the blog then send it to Jenna and personalize it. I think it might be nice.
Ginger commented that we had a little bit of a communication issue in the family and upon thinking about it, I believe that I agree! So... I am hoping to resuscitate the family blog.
This past week Andrew went to Youth Conference and like some of you may remember he went to the same location were everyone jumps off the cliff. I understand he did it. I am awaiting photos that I hope to post here if I can figure out how.
Last week, Andrew also went on a week long canoe trip. He had a good time and came back without any bee stings :)
Aubri had the opportunity of a lifetime... she has just returned from a very grand adventure traveling the countryside with Dad. She was luck and got to see many great things... they went down to North Carolina I think and also got to spend time with the cousins in Bellevue. It was perfect timing and the locations stayed exciting.
It was a little quiet at home those days but they made memories they will be able to have forever.
This week at home we are going to be in the "School Fest" fashion show. Both Aubri and Andrew signed up for this one. It should be exciting and the best part is, you get to keep your clothes.
We were watching a recorded episode of  America's funniest home videos when Aubri saw a commercial for this years school fest with pictures last year. Imagine how excited she was when she found herself on the stage in the commercial! Very excited indeed!
Jeff and Betsy are so busy building building building. Aubri and I went over for a tour yesterday and I have never seen anybody move so fast on getting something built! It is awesome! I am very impressed with how much Jeff has done all at the same time while he is working full time... soooo impressive!
It is so fun to have them in our ward. It just seems so awesome to have them at all the fun events... for me, it is kind of like taking the two coolest parts of my life and putting them in the same spot!
Hopefully, next week I will have photos to post of the fashion show... can't wait to see how Andrew does! Maybe we will have a model out of him and we didn't even know it.
Have a wonderful week!

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